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We mean every dimension of it. The physical and mental health of our community members. The operational health of our organizations and sector. The existential health of our nation’s democracy. If we’re going to thrive, we need to get healthy first.

Racial Equity

We are the difference between a moment and momentum. Remember how you felt during last year’s racial reckoning? Our imperative is to accelerate that feeling into perpetual action – and hold ourselves measurably accountable in our collective pursuit of equity and justice.

Upswell is about Building a Healthy and Racially Just Nation

Self and Community Care

As we enter the third year of a global health crisis, self and community care is tantamount to our shared liberation. Even among like-minded groups, each of us brings our own cultures, societal burdens, and privileges, and must tackle the hardest parts of our individual and collective struggle. Finding ways to build bridges across our shared humanity while acknowledging and appreciating what makes each of us different is the way we create a just nation.

Racial Justice

We strive to be locally grounded, community-informed, and driven by the voices and experiences of Black, Native, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and people experiencing marginalization. To get to a racially just and equitable nation, we are all required to do the work of transforming organizations and systems toward this shared vision. Together, we must tackle the hardest parts of our collective struggle and lean into our shared opportunity.

Upswell Is Powered by Independent Sector

Independent Sector is the only national membership organization that brings together a diverse community of changemakers at nonprofits, foundations, and corporate giving programs working to strengthen civil society and ensure all people in the United States thrive. As the vital meeting ground, we advance our mission by fostering a sense of belonging, catalyzing action, and providing policy leadership across the full breadth of the charitable sector.

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Upswell, powered by Independent Sector, is a community of thousands of engaged, passionate, and diverse changemakers – and the energy is constantly buzzing.

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