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September 14, 2021

People Power Changework

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People power changework. Organizations, movements, and civil society literally cannot exist without human beings – staff, board, and volunteers – pouring their souls into the tireless work of improving our society.

As we shape our strategies and build our movements, it's non-negotiable that we focus on the health of our people. Whether we are talking about wellness and mindfulness for ourselves in our service to others, how our systems advance equity and inclusion in everything we do, or how we center our own staff and volunteers as we recover from multiple crises, focusing on the power of our people is how we make it to a healthier and more equitable nation.

This Pop-Up is designed to explore how we’re really doing, and consider creative, intentional, and impactful strategies for taking care of our people so that we’re fully charged for the work ahead.

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2:00 - 2:05

Welcome and Housekeeping

2:05-3:00 pm

Two Languages / One Community

Two Languages / One Community workshop engages African Americans and Chinese Americans in a rare cultural exchange rooted in dialogue and a message of solidarity. Poets Michael Warr and Chun Yu appear as a duet featuring their poetry in English and Chinese accompanied with storytelling and digital images. Two Languages / One Community (TLOC) uses the sharing of stories and language to build understanding, connection, and cooperation. In their efforts to counter hatred and violence against the Asian and Black communities Yu and Warr have appeared at and collaborated with an array of cultural and educational institutions including the Asian Art Museum, Cambridge Public Library, Chinese Cultural Center, Museum of the African Diaspora, and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

This workshop uses writing and translation as a way to exchange culture and connection where such exchange is rare. Through shared stories and the power of translation, you will walk away with a deepened understanding of vulnerabilities intertwined within communities and the importance of connecting to inspire transformative change. Dive deeper with us as participants find commonality within each other to share their own vulnerabilities and transformations.

3:05-3:55 pm

Recharge Your Resilience: How to Burn Bright, not Burn Out

Across the globe, individuals, organizations and communities are experiencing increasingly stressful and unpredictable environments. These conditions are draining individuals at an accelerating rate.

But, burnout doesn’t have to be inevitable. This workshop will give you the skills to recharge. Building resilience will help you and your teams rethink, recharge, and recalibrate in the face of unrelenting challenges.

Elite performers in every field and discipline – from athletes to C-Suite leaders – understand that individual and team peak performance and productivity do not come from blindly pushing harder and harder and working longer and longer. Sustained excellence is built on a foundation of resilience and energy – consistent, intentional practices that position individuals and teams to bring their “best selves” to work.

The workshop has a practical, scientific, and application-based approach to show you how to engage in a series of small but intentional reinforcing behaviors that will allow you to avoid burning out, and instead, burn bright.

4:00 - 4:55 pm
Main Stage

Creating a Shared Identity for Your Board and Community

As changemakers, we can’t effectively serve communities that we don’t deeply understand. And that kind of understanding – the kind that holds the potential for positive and lasting transformation -- relies on shared experiences and perspectives.

That means that the specific lived experiences and identities of our communities need to be wired into the DNA of our organizations. It means that, at our organizations, our people – and especially our leaders -- need to authentically represent the people we service. And it means that we have our work cut out for us, because only 29% of nonprofit board chairs think their boards actually represent their communities.

That’s not good enough, so this Main Stage is designed to help us get better.

You’re invited to join the experts at BoardSource to explore data-driven strategies for fundamentally reimagining your board recruitment and retention practices – with a clear focus on adapting to reflect your local demographics, engage with your communities, and build you organization’s resilience.

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