Upswell Exchange

August 12, 2021

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Upswell Exchange

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During the Upswell Pop-Up "Let's Talk About Money," we explored the dynamics of money flow in civil society.

It’s the kind of topic that just doesn’t fit into a single day of learning. So, you’re invited to an Upswell Exchange where we’ll open the floor for a candid discussion.

We want you to bring your ideas, questions, and concerns to the table. What are your thoughts about reparations? How do you feel about the way fundraising currently works? Or doesn’t? Is it time to blow up the system or just make a few changes? How can we create the conditions for truly equitable power sharing?

And what's on your mind that you think the rest of the nation's changemakers should be talking about?

The bottom line is that money is an undeniably essential resource for advancing any mission for good. And we’re sure you have an opinion on the subject.

We have a brilliant team of facilitators to guide us and help us make the most of our time -- Dr. Cheryl Hall-Russell of Black Women Wise Women and Jamil Bey of UrbanKind.

You can show up to quietly listen. Or you can make big waves. The choice is yours.

Either way, it’s a conversation you definitely won’t want to miss.

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