Rev. Branden Polk, MSW

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Stand Together

Rev. Branden S. Polk is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Stand Together and a fellow for Free Speech & Peace at the Charles Koch Institute. His work focuses on surfacing cures for the roots of intolerance, inspiring people to come together across lines of difference in order to heal the country’s divisions and discover solutions to our most intractable problems. As a licensed social worker, ordained minister, and creative artist he has devoted his career to removing barriers for the most vulnerable in our society. Most recently Branden has partnered with organizations like Urban Specialists and the One America Movement to launch Heal America, a movement to combat racial injustice through love, redemption, and bottom-up solutions. Branden received an undergraduate degree in Theater from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and a graduate degree in social work from George Mason University. He is the CEO & Founder of the counseling and executive coaching firm Arrowhead Advising, and Co-host of the Behind the Seen podcast that explores a constructive and trauma-informed perspective on race relations. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.