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April 22, 2021

There are rare moments in the fight for racial justice and equity that create a distinct feeling of progress.  

These moments are tremendously hard earned -- and while they don't relieve the pain of the innumerable other moments of injustice, they reveal that our systems can work if we're relentless in ensuring that they do.

And how do we ensure that? Through advocacy. With individuals coming together in common purpose to use their voices and votes to demand accountability.

That’s how you change systems. And, as the changemakers who drive civil society, that’s our path to a racially just and healthy society where every person can thrive.

We have a lot to learn from each other first.  

So, for our next Upswell Pop-Up, you’re invited to dive into the mechanics of how you can use advocacy to create change at scale. We’ll explore the ways that advocacy transformed the state of Georgia – and the entire nation. We’ll investigate what racial equity has to do with the future of our very planet with a leader who has catalyzed the environmental justice movement into action.

Together, we’ll learn how to activate board members and youth movements, discover how advocacy can ensure voting access, and understand why taking the time for inner work can recharge us for the fights ahead.

Whether you're an expert or someone who has never even considered the power of advocacy before -- you won't want to miss this Pop-Up.  

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