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Dr. Han Ren Joins the Upswell Main Stage

September 16, 2021

Emotions are essential tools in our fight for racial justice. But how often do you think about them? And how often do you intentionally wield them?

We’re thrilled to announce that renowned psychologist Dr. Han Ren will be joining us on the Upswell Main Stage to explore two profoundly complicated and vital emotions -- shame and guilt.

While the two might feel like nothing more than heavy personal baggage, the truth is that exploring and dealing with our own shame and guilt are critical steps in the pursuit of collective liberation and racial justice.

You’ll gain a new understanding of the adaptive role these primal moral emotions play in the stages of learning to become antiracist.

Want to dive deeper? Following the Main Stage, Dr. Ren will lead workshops – one for changemakers who identify as Black, Indigenous or people of color, and one for changemakers who identify as white – where you can dig in with hands-on activities, such as journaling, self-inquiry, reflection, sharing, and mindfulness.

It’s an unmissable chance to better understand yourself in the context of becoming antiracist and working towards collective liberation.

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