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A First Look at the 2021 Upswell Summit

July 28, 2021

What’s possible? That’s the question we posed to you and the thousands of other Upswell community members earlier this year.

To set your imagination free. To reinvigorate your soul in the face of so much trauma. To inspire the continuing fight against the injustices of the past and present so we can finally create a healthy, antiracist United States of America.

As the nation rebuilds, even as we battle an ongoing pandemic, we have an opportunity of historically colossal scale to transform our society for the better. So, as we officially launch it today, the virtual 2021 Upswell Summit is designed to harness every ounce of energy we have to achieve that goal.

How do we do that, especially in a virtual setting?

We’re starting by calling on the brilliant power, influence, and experience of two women for whom the descriptor of “transformative” is simply insufficient.  We’re thrilled to announce that iconic activist Angela Davis and Black Votes Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown will be headlining the Main Stage together.

Separately, these powerhouse leaders could each teach us how to remake America.

But imagine what can happen when we tap into the full combined force of their successes and failures, their shared vision and uncommon approaches.

We’re also proud to share our first wave of workshops, focused on Upswell’s themes of racial justice and societal health, and creatively designed by a diverse and tremendously talented set of changemakers from across every part of civil society.

We have so much more to share about this year’s virtual summit. New kinds of learning, unexpected ways of networking, spirit-moving arts experiences. In fact, in just the next two weeks, we’ve got a set of huge announcements that will convince you of what we’re capable of accomplishing together at Upswell. Keep a close eye on your inbox!

In the meantime, now is the perfect time to reserve your spot for the Summit – because we can’t change society without you.

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