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Upswell’s Purpose in 2021

February 25, 2021

What’s possible?

That’s the question that drives changemakers. And not in a “things could be a little better” kind of way, because possibility isn’t about small changes.

Throughout more than a century of impact, civil society – made up of community activists, nonprofit and foundation leaders, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs – has wielded the enormous power of possibility to do nothing less than transform our nation in our most critical moments of need.

It’s time to do so again.

The pandemic continues to plague us in the most literal sense. With unequal force, the scourge of racism robs us of opportunity, wellness, and prosperity. We’re poisoned by partisanship and distrust, infected with disinformation, and aching for the comfort of community.

So, let’s focus and do something about it.

Let’s lead with the magnitude of ambition and consequence that this extraordinary historical moment demands. Let’s take up our mantle as changemakers to create a measurably healthier and more just nation. Let’s do the work to truly understand what ails our communities, organizations, and sector. In fact, let’s interrogate the very concept of what it even means to be healthy – and then figure out how we can collaborate to make it so.

In 2021, from the Pop-Ups to the Summit, Upswell is all about health and racial justice. A two-piece puzzle of both extraordinary simplicity and complexity.

To solve it, we need your energy and optimism. Your expertise and curiosity. Your relentless commitment to turning the abstract into the actual.

The work starts with each of us as individuals. And through our organizations and movements, we’ll change our shared society to realize the future we know is possible.

Let’s get healthy together.

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